Goodbye messy makeup bag. See you never.

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It all started when…

Our founder was riding the Houston metro to her job Downtown. She was graduate student at the time, making ends meet by working her way through school, and constantly on-the-go. It was a professional office job at a corporate architecture firm, so the typical student look wouldn't suffice. She always carried her makeup bag and a change of clothes with her. One day while riding the metro, she yet again had to dump her makeup bag out on the seat next to her to find the eyeliner, notoriously buried at the bottom. It occurred to her: there has to be a better way. A few sketches later, and Renzoe Box began to take shape.

But her dreams of becoming a successful architect got in the way, and she never pursued the idea. Renzoe Box stayed locked away on the pages of her sketchbook for years. 

Fast forward to 2017. Now a working professional with her own firm, she was still on-the-go and still digging through her makeup bag. It didn't make sense, and those sketches continued to haunt her.

Then one day, René got to work. She turned her sketches into a digital model.

That digital model into a few (dozen) 3D prints.

The 3D prints into a prototype.