René Graham, the founder of Renzoe Box

René Graham, the founder of Renzoe Box


Our founder is an architect from Texas.  Watch her incredible story, and support a female founder!


"Behind every beautiful face is a beautiful brain."  -René Graham, Renzoe Box Founder & Inventor

Our mission is to celebrate and exemplify both. By de-cluttering your makeup routine, our smart Renzoe pod™ system puts you in control -- high quality brands, individual customization, your daily beauty.  Renzoe Box™ is where Beauty Meets Brains.™

So how are we doing this? There's a few ways:

1. Impact. We are seeking women to fulfill vital roles in our organization.

We are building a company to empower women, building opportunities in every aspect of our business.

That means if we need a lawyer, a plastics manufacturer, a web coder, a design engineer, a sales manager or an accountant, we know there’s awesome talented women out there to fulfill those roles. Where my #bossladies at?

Also, WTF how is it 2018 and this real? Enough already.


2. Voice. We are offering a voice to those who don't already have one.

The Renzoe Box is not only a way for you to keep your daily beauty routine organized, it is a way for you to connect with companies creating awesome and innovative products in their beauty lines. 

Through our blog and other Renzoe Box media, we are promoting and writing about issues women are facing today. Have an interesting story? Email info(at) Let’s talk!


3. Change. We aren't your typical makeup company.

In fact, we don’t even make makeup! We’re disrupting the system by offering a new way to declutter a part of your daily life.

How are you disrupting the system? We want to know. Email us at info(at)

For Renzoe Box updates, like our Facebook Page or follow us on Instagram. Can't wait to meet you!