100% Organic Coconut Melt

Kopari Beauty

description simple yet multitasking, kopari beauty's coconut melt is comprised of 100 percent pure, organic, and unrefined coconut oil that melts on contact to provide rich hydration from head to toe. ideal for all hair and skin types, including dry skin, eczema-prone skin, and chemically-treated hair, this lavish oil is loaded with fatty acids to seal in moisture and lauric acid to combat inflammation.key ingredient:organic coconut oil: this is not your kitchen coconut oil. kopari tested dozens of coconut oils from all over the world and discovered the most premium for use on both skin and hair. like fine wine or olive oil, the quality of the fruit as well as where and how it is harvested makes all the difference. kopari's coconut oil is sustainably sourced from small family farms in the philippines and made from fresh, virgin, and 100 percent organic coconuts. the quality, texture, absorption, and aroma is unlike any other oil on the market. discover what thousands of kopari fans have - not all coconut is created equal.this product is organic, vegan, hypoallergenic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and free of parabens, silicone, sulfates, and phthalates.how to melt:hair mask: start with dry, unwashed hair and coat with coconut melt from root to tip. then toss your hair up in a bun for 40 minutes or sleep on it overnight. afterward, hop in the shower & shampoo twice and whoa, holy hair hydrationbody moisturizer: scoop out some coconut melt and slather your bod from head to toe. for best results, apply on damp skin to lock in moisturemakeup remover: swab a little coconut melt onto a cotton ball and gently wipe the day away. removes even the most stubborn makeup while nourishing your skin and lashesdry shave oil: say so long to synthetic shaving creams and gels. massage coconut melt onto dry or damp legs to achieve a silky shave and ultra-soft skinbath boost: after a long day, scoop out a generous glob of coconut melt and drop it into a hot bath. let your skin moisture to the max while you sit back and relax. careful, your tub may be slippery after useunder eye: lightly dab a bit of coconut melt to rescue under eyes and ditch the appearance of dark circles. remember, a little goes a long waybaby butter: there's nothing better than coconut melt for baby skin. coconut your cutie and massage baby all overbelly balm: rub coconut melt all over that beautiful pregnant belly to relieve itching and ward off stretch marks kopari's coconut melt. click here for 8 different ways to use this melt. ingredients cocos nucifera (coconut) oil*.*organic how to use melt a dollop in hands by rubbing the palms together to warm up the oil, then lather generously over the entire body from head to toe.