They're Real! Eyeshadow Blender & Beyond Easy Eyeshadow Duo


What it is: A perfectly paired neutral eyeshadow duo.

What it does: This innovative eyeshadow duo gives you bigger, sexier eyes in one step. Its custom ShadowBlender fits your eye shape for expert application by allowing you to glide it agross the pan of eyeshadows and then position on the inner corner of your eye with the darker shade of your lashline so you can sweep your eyeshadow on seamlessly. The crease-resistant formula builds beautifully and lasts for 12 hours.

How to use: For expert application, slide the custom ShadowBlender across the eyeshadow duo. Place the custom ShadowBlender in the inner corner of your eyelid and sweep across lid for easy, mistakeproof eyeshadow application.

Note: Each color will arrive in a separate Renzoe Pod