Lingerie de Peau Mat Alive Foundation Compact


What it is: A reformulated Lingerie De Peau featuring a long-wearing formula that blends seamlessly into skin for a naturally perfected complexion finish.

Who it's for: Anyone who wants full coverage with a matte finish.

What it does: Achieve smooth, even-toned coverage in seconds with an innovative dual-sided applicator. Honeycombed on one side, the applicator collects the formula and ensures comfortable application without creasing. Flocked on the other side, it smoothes contours and eliminates excess powder for custom coverage and perfect application every time. The Biofusion Stretch Complex is made up of two types of adaptive micropearls: spongy memory foam pearls whose elasticity allows them to follow the movements of skin, and corrective pearls with high absorbency to provide comfort and a matte finish. Guerlain has combined them with a velvety wax that creates a uniform veil on the skin to ensure flexible coverage.

How to use: Apply to your face using the applicator, then spread to obtain the desired coverage, working outward from the center of your face.