MAC Powder Blush

What it is: A blush designed by and for professionals and formulated to provide fantastic color with ease and consistency.

What it does: It applies evenly and adheres lightly to skin to give you natural-looking color that lasts all day.


  • F: Frost. An iridescent, lightly shimmering color that adds highlights and a frosted bloom to your cheeks.
  • M: Matte. A flat, matte finish that goes on lightly, builds well and blends with the skin.
  • S: Satin. A light-refractive sheen-style finish that adds subtle highlights to the skin.
  • ST: Sheertone. A sheer-on micro-refined powder with a non-transparent finish that goes on faint and looks real.
  • SS: Sheertone Shimmer. A jet-milled and micro-fine powder with just enough shimmer to make light dance on your cheeks.

How to use: Choose an appropriate brush and glide it over the blush. Tap off excess powder and apply the blush to your skin using sweeping strokes. Blend well.