Phyto-Ombré Éclat Eyeshadow


What it is: Phyto-Ombrés Éclat Eyeshadow brings you a tailor-made look that is as natural or as daring as you like.

Who it's for: Anyone who wants silky, cake-free eyeshadow.

What it does: It combines the properties of natural botanical extracts with the most sophisticated makeup technologies and contains specifically-coated powders with a silky, ultrafine texture that glides over eyelids and blends easily. It provides impeccable makeup wear all day long without caking, for flawless makeup application.

How to use: Add volume to the eyes by creating a halo with the light shades on the upper eyelid and apply only the dark shades to the mobile eyelid, mainly on the outer corner and/or closely along the lashline (like an eyeliner). Play with an endless array of effects: one shade for a natural makeup look, two shades for a blend of shadow/light, three or more for a very sophisticated or contrasting makeup look.