Box Babe: Abby Stock

What does a day in the life of Abby look like? What’s your routine when you wake up in the morning? What kind of things are done every day?

A day in the life of Abby (ha) recently has been less routine than usual after graduation and moving back to Houston. Coffee though has remained consistent, and is a must as a precursor whether the day consists of job searching or hanging out with my two nieces!

You recently graduated with a degree in architecture. How are women represented in the architecture, both in school and in the workplace?

Unfortunately women in architecture are continually underrepresented. In school the amount of women and men seem to be similar, but after graduation the number of women significantly drop off in the work force. Whether it’s due to long hours, unequal pay, or taking time off for childcare there seem to be many factors that affect this.

What advice/tips would you give women wanting to get into architecture?

For women getting into architecture I would say be patient. Be patient when you’re outnumbered in studio with the boys, when your professors speak to your male partner over you, and when all the members of the jury in your review are men. But more importantly continue and consistently work hard, have a goal and do everything you can to work towards it. Constantly read, practice and learn new software skills. It is a boys club but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete with the best!

What kind of things did you work on for Renzoe Box?

I worked with Rene on the renders/imagery and animations for Renzoe Box. She knew exactly what she wanted, I just helped make it look good!

Name a book everybody should read right now. Why?

Citizens of No Place by Jimenez Lai. It’s a graphic novel that explores current architectural theory through short stories in the form of comic like story boards. Even if you’re not actively interested in Architecture it is still a fun book to read through because of the nature of its graphic style and you’ll probably learn something too!

Who is the coolest woman you can think of right now? What makes her so cool?

The coolest woman I can think of right now is the late Pauline Boty. I recently discovered her work after reading about another one of my favorite artists at the moment. Boty was not only a founder of the British Pop Art movement in the early 60’s but also the only woman in the painting sector of the movement. Her paintings and collages challenged the ideals of a “man’s world” with her feminist beliefs. She died at the age of 28 so it is interesting to think how her career as a painter and activist would have progressed into today, and how she would approach fighting for gender inequality in 2017.

What's the last purchase you made that simplified your day-to-day life the most?

Not so much a purchase, but I have recently been utilizing Google Keep to digitally stay organized. It is a glorified online notepad where you can jot anything down from to-do’s, groceries, books or really any kind of list, memo or reminder. It is part of the greater Google network so it syncs to a Gmail account and can be downloaded as a mobile app for on the go convenience.  

What do you believe to be true that almost no one else agrees with you on?

That everything tastes better with Sriracha.

If you had a Renzoe Box right now, what will we find in yours?

If I had a Renzoe Box right now it would definitely have a Maybelline Fit Me, NYX Wonder Stick, and Covergirl tru Blend foundation!

How can we find out what you're doing these days?

Instagram: acstock28