Makeup on-the-go: solution #3/3 by Dollup

Makeup is messy. Here at Renzoe Box we're obsessed with trying to solve this problem, and are always on the lookout for what our competitors are doing really well! In this Makeup On-The-Go series we'll look at a few other products out there to help simplify your beauty routine. Check out this third one:


1. Looks elegant, can use as a clutch. Available in multiple colors and is versatile enough to carry for touchups day or night.

2. Provides magnetic storage for pans along with all loose items you would need on-the-go. Also includes a large mirror.

3. Hard case doesn't crush makeup in pans and provides sturdy protection for all makeup items.


1. The effort to depot all of your makeup is time consuming and leaves room for error with all the steps needed to remove makeup from other palettes. You still end up wasting the colors you don't use as much from the palettes you depot from.

2. The placement of the vanity mirror is not practical for actually using the mirror while applying makeup. You have to lift up the mirror every time you want to dip your brush in one of the pans. Also upon closer inspection and use, if you try to use the mirror in the tripod configuration shown the makeup pans actually end up upside down, dumping powder debris on your brushes.

3. While its designed to look pretty like a clutch that you can carry solo, once makeup brushes are inside there's not enough storage for a wallet or phone or keys. This means you end up having to put the Doll-Up case inside of a purse with your other items. You end up carrying a clutch within a purse, which just makes no sense. And, by itself without any makeup in it, its quite bulky and heavy.

In summary: We might be biased but we still think our Renzoe Box will be a better solution for full cosmetic customization and storage for all loose makeup items. While the Doll-Up Case provides a solution for using multiple brands in one palette, it takes a lot of effort to depot and maintain the Doll-Up Case, and the mirror doesn't allow convenient makeup application while in use. If you agree, sign up for our waitlist! What do you think? Leave a comment below.