12 Days of Renzoe: Inventors and Gift Guide

As we reflect on 2017, we're looking back at women who came before us and paved the way in innovation and curiosity.We are completely in awe of the women we featured in our 12 Days of Renzoe Series. We highlighted 12 phenomenal female inventors who not only made cool things, but lived fabulously (and sometimes scandalously!). Learn more about each incredible woman below, and take a look at our modern day gift picks. All of our gift picks are hand-selected from women-made or women-owned companies that are creating groundbreaking and high quality products. 

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Inventors and Gift Guide
Inventor Invention Invention Date Gift Pick Founder
Caresse CrosbyRenzoe Box - Caresse Crosby Brassiere 1914 Everyday Bustier by Evelyn and Bobbie Bree McKeen
Deepika KurupRenzoe Box - Deepika Kurup Solar Powered Water Purification System 2012 Smart Solar Garden Gem by LumainAID Anna Stork
Andrea Sreshta
Mary KennerRenzoe Box - Mary Kenner Sanitary Belt 1956 Thong by THINX Radha Agrawal
Antonia Dunbar
Miki Agrawal
Stephanie KwolekRenzoe Box - Stephanie Kwolek Kevlar 1972 7/8 Tri-Tone Leggings by Outdoor Voices Tyler Haney
Margaret KnightRenzoe Box - Margaret Knight Paper Bag Folding Machine 1879 The Maestra Bag by Senreve Coral Chung
Wendy Wen
Lisa Seacat DeLucaRenzoe Box - Lisa Seacat DeLuca Rendering of Real World Objects into a Virtual Universe 2007 Eye Tracking Virtual Reality Headset by Fove Yuka Kojima
Lochlainn Wilson
Marie Van Britton BrownRenzoe Box - Marie Van Britton Brown Home Security System 1966 Personal Safety App by BSafe Silje Vallestad
Josephine CochraneRenzoe Box - Josephine Cochrane Dishwasher 1914 Precision Cooker by Anova Stephen Svajian
Jeff Wu
Natalie Vaughn
Melitta BentzRenzoe Box - melitta bentz Coffee Filter 1989 Holiday Gift Tea Cocktail Set Jennie Ripps
Maria Littlefield
René GrahamRenzoe Box - rene graham Renzoe Box 2016 Renzoe Box Starter Kit René Graham
Patsy ShermanRenzoe Box - Patsy Sherman Scotchgard 1971 Clothing Rental Service by Rent the Runway Jennifer Hyman
Jennifer Fleiss
Hedy LamarrRenzoe Box - Hedy Lamarr Wartime Secret Communication System Technology that led to WIFI and Bluetooth 1941 Carry-On Suitcase by Away Jen Rubio
Stephanie Korey