Makeup on-the-go: solution #1/3 by Lay-n-go

Makeup is messy. Here at Renzoe Box we're obsessed With trying to solve this problem, and are always on the lookout for what our competitors are doing really well! In this Makeup On-The-Go series we'll look at a few other products out there to help simplify your beauty routine. Check out this first one:


1. Easy to see all products at one time instead of digging through a makeup bag.

2. Has pockets for organizing different items, and is a relatively compact way to pack everything you need for travel. 

3. Washable in case anything spills (which we all know will happen)


1. Need a lot of counter space to spread the Lay-N-Go out, which is often not an option when traveling. 

2. It does not close completely when it is cinched, allowing smaller objects to escape during travel. 

3. The bag ends up being bulky when it is full and bunched together because of excess fabric. 

In summary: We might be biased but we still think our Renzoe Box will be a better solution for travel and on-the-go. While this might be easier than traditional makeup bags, there's still a lot of wasted space, and everything still gets jumbled around. If you agree, sign up for our waitlist! What do you think of the Lay-N-Go? Leave a comment below.

Krista LangehennigComment