What a Donkey Can Teach You About Life


Let me tell you a story about a donkey...

One day a donkey finds himself in a very interesting situation. Standing there, the donkey notices a stream to his left. He looks at the flowing stream and his mouth begins to dry a bit as he imagines gulping down on some fresh water. He’s thirsty, really thirsty.

But, when the donkey looks to his right he notices a pile of hay. And it's not just any hay, but the kind that crunches when you bite down on it and that tastes so sweet in your mouth. The donkey’s mouth begins to water as he stares at the hay. He’s so hungry, the donkey hasn’t eaten it what seems like forever.

The donkey is in a predicament. He’s both thirsty and hungry. He could go to his left and jump into that cool stream, quenching his thirst and cooling off in the water. Or, the donkey could go to his right and fall into that crunchy pile of hay, eating all he could ever desire.

The donkey looks to the left, his mouth dries. He looks to his right, his mouth waters. He can’t decide what to do. Left, dries. Right, waters. Left. Right. The sun goes down, the donkey still can’t decide. Left. Right. The next day comes and the donkey is getting hungrier and thirstier, but still a decision cannot be made. Left. Right.

Finally, after a couple days of looking left and then right, the donkey’s legs begin getting weak. Things get a little blurry for the donkey. He begins seeing double. The donkey looks one more time to the left and then one longing gaze to the right. The donkey falls over. The donkey dies of both hunger and thirst.

What a stupid donkey you say. If only the donkey realized that he could have drank some water and then walked right over to the food and ate until he was full. What a stupid donkey.

Wait, wait a second, this is a metaphor isn’t it? I’m the donkey. I’ve been so angst-filled from that decision I needed to make. Should I pursue this career or that one? Should I take on that project or that one? Should I order the sandwich or the salad?

Guess what, you can do both. Not at the same time, sure. But, life is long and opportunities are rarely once in a lifetime.

Make a decision.

Don’t be a donkey.