Makeup on-the-go: solution #2/3 by Z Palette

Makeup is messy. Here at Renzoe Box we're obsessed With trying to solve this problem, and are always on the lookout for what our competitors are doing really well! In this Makeup On-The-Go series we'll look at a few other products out there to help simplify your beauty routine. Check out this second one:


1. Allows a solution for makeup customization so you can have all your favorites in one place.

2. Clear lid that allows you to see what colors are in each palette.

3. The magnet is really strong, but not so strong that you can’t move your makeup around. It holds magnetized metal in place really well- no sliding around.


1. The effort to depot all of your makeup is time consuming and leaves room for error with all the steps needed to remove makeup from other palettes. You still end up wasting the colors you don't use as much from the palettes you depot from.

2. The cardboard and thin plastic that make up the Z Palette can easily get squished or broken on the go. This means the Z Palette isn't long lasting and has to be replaced often. With all the pans in one tray, it is easy for the Z Palette to get messy from the powder debris, and it is difficult to clean because of the cardboard material. Once the Z Palette gets wet, the water damage absorbs and stays on the cardboard. 

3. Doesn't offer storage for brushes or other makeup items, so it is still necessary to carry brushes and mascara in a separate bag.

In summary: We might be biased but we still think our Renzoe Box will be a better solution for travel and palette customization with multiple brands. While the Z Palette provides a solution for using multiple brands in one palette, it takes a lot of effort to depot and maintain the Z Palette without smashing the cardboard or getting it wet. If you agree, sign up for our waitlist! What do you think of the Z Palette? Leave a comment below.

Krista LangehennigComment