Quarantine Glow Up Guide for Dancers, Performers & Athletes

renzoe blog October 06, 2020

Quarantine Glow Up Guide for Dancers, Performers & Athletes

Athletes and dancers! Quarantine has been going on for a while and some experts say we may need to prepare ourselves for an uncertain future. We understand how difficult it could be to train, and more importantly, to stay connected and healthy during this time. So, we’ve put together the ultimate Quarantine Glow Up Guide to help you manage a healthy routine, in and out of the gym!

1. Be kind to yourself
  • The future is uncertain, and no matter how much you try to make the best out of the situation, it’s always important to be kind to yourself! Transitions are hard.
    2. Tips to Train During Quarantine!
    • Practice rehearsing with no mirror. Instead, record yourself, re-evaluate your performance through the recording, and set goals for improvements! If you’re a dancer, you definitely know how dance teachers sometimes ask you to perform a routine without a mirror. This practice can help you improve your coordination and memory.
    • As we face an uncertain future, this might be a good time to invest in creating your own home studio. Everyone has different amounts of space at home where you can practice your techniques, but a few items such as a tumbling mat or an exercise ball can help you train a variety of different ways at home!

      3. Optimize your life so when dance/competition/athletic season comes back, you’re ready to go and better than ever!

      • Re-organize your life. By re-organize your life, whether it be your closet, your bedroom, or your daily routines, you can streamline your life during this time to get ready for when competition season hits and you get caught up in the hectic routines again! Here are our tips:
          1. Do a closet clean-out!
          2. Practice goal setting and planning skills
          3. Get 3 new recipes under your belt to quicken your daily routine
          4. Streamline your beauty routine
      • Check out our complete list of tips and resources to train and optimize your life during quarantine here!
      4. Upgrade your beauty routine!
      • This is also a great time to learn how to do beauty essentials yourself! During busy times, you might find it hard to find time to get your nails or eyebrows done, but did you know that it’s relatively easy to do your own gel nails at home, or to learn threading? All you gotta do is get yourself a gel manicure starter kit, some threads, and watch this 3 minutes tutorial on how to thread your eyebrows!
      • In addition, try out a new look! This is the perfect time to experiment with that sassy, attention-grabbing look you’ve always been meaning to try. 
      • Convert to a Renzoe Box! Its time to get your makeup in order
      • Check out our YouTube tutorial on using the ultra travel-friendly Renzoe Box to do your makeup.
      5. Be on top of your doctor’s appointments
      • Your health is the most important thing to take care of, in and out of the rehearsal room. Doctor’s appointments can be a little weird right now, but it’s definitely worth it to check with your regular health provider to see what their policy is on annual checkups and/or online options for appointments! 

        6. Try a new routine that can enhance both your mental and physical health

        • Meditation. Strenuous training, as you know, is physically and mentally demanding. According to some research, meditation has been shown to help athletes endure strenuous training! Mediation has also been shown to improve focus. If this is something you’ve always wanted to try, this is the time for it!
        • Visualization. It’s been known that elite athletes often use visualization techniques to enhance their training. The technique involves creating a mental image or intention of what you want to happen in reality. It can help create renewed mental awareness, a heightened sense of well-being, and confidence. If you’ve ever found yourself too busy to try out new performance-enhancing techniques, this is the time to check them out!
        • Pilates. Pilates has been shown to be extremely helpful for both dancers and athletes! Completely doable at home, it is a mind-body practice that can improve your body alignment, flexibility and stamina that’s useful for daily movements and vigorous training alike!

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