Starting at $298.00

The Renzoe Box starts at $298, including 3 free makeup pods. Users have the option to add on additional Renzoe Pods and accessories to complete their makeup routine.

The Renzoe Box

  • Combine Brands to Create Your Palette of full-sized products
  • 8 Premium-Fiber Cruelty Free makeup brushes ($89 value)
  • Luxury meets sustainability with the reduction of single-use plastic by >80%
  • Choose 3 Free Makeup Products from an assortment curated by our experts (up to $50)
  • I love this product. Seriously I carry it with me EVERYWHERE and I've spent the last few weeks just showing it off to people. I cannot WAIT to order more pods.

    Adrienne B.

  • This is everything I need. I'll never go back to a makeup bag again.

    Jessica C.

  • It is beautiful, organized and so efficient

    Daniella L.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do my favorite products become Renzoe Pods?

We work with the brands you love and provide their product in Renzoe Pods.

What can I fit in the lower compartment?

All non-palette products available on our site are guaranteed to fit in the lower compartment of your Renzoe Box. Use our compatible Airless Pump for larger foundations.

What about cream products?

Most cream products are available in Renzoe Pods. A protective sliding cover over the palette allows both cream & powder products in the same palette without cross-contamination.