The Sustainable Impact of the Renzoe Box


You may not realize it now, but when you buy makeup, a majority of what you are purchasing is waste. Whether it’s the outer retail packaging, the compact or tube-with-applicator that you will eventually throw away once you’ve finished the product, or excess product(s) that must be purchased together, such as multiple eyeshadows in a palette, there is a lot of waste within the beauty industry.

We believe that companies should work toward making the world a better place, and for us that means a focus on sustainability and decreasing waste in your makeup routine. At Renoze Box we create a product that is refillable, reusable, and that minimizes extra packaging as much as possible.


Many beauty products today come with preset product combinations, such as palettes with 5+ eyeshadows. This can result in waste if, for example, only a few colors of the palette are used. How many of us have unused products like this? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Studies show a vast majority makeup wearers only use about 40% of their collection!

The Renzoe Box solves for this through personalization. Mix and match just the makeup you need, nothing more. The removable and modular Renzoe Pods are designed for maximum flexibility, resulting in a compact customized to suit your needs without all the extra shades you’ll never use.

The first mantra of sustainability is to reduce, and by limiting your purchases to just what you need, you’ll ultimately be reducing the amount of waste that results.

Not only does this result in only purchasing the products one will use, but it also allows you to simply replace each individual product as you need. We also offer a full-circle exchange program: send 6 empty Pods and we’ll send you 1 for free.

Refillable = Reusable


A typical makeup palette which cannot be refilled (left) vs the Renzoe Box which has many refill options (right).

You always hear that it's good practice to reuse or re-purpose existing products rather than throwing them out, but how does that apply to makeup and beauty? The answer: refills.

Most makeup products are one-and-done, meaning once you use up the product, the container or compact it came in goes into the trash. Sometimes this can’t be avoided and for sanitary reasons it's good to start fresh. But, if there are ways to utilize refillables, why not?

Renzoe Box is designed as a refillable system, so you don’t have to repurchase the entire compact with all that extra packaging. Once you are done with a particular shade or ready to swap out for something new, you can simply pull out the old Pod and swap for a new Pod. Customize and refresh it to make it new again with each new season; continue to use and reuse your beloved Renzoe Box over and over.




Packaging waste is probably something you don’t think about on the daily, but it's important to take into consideration. The packaging of the things we buy will ultimately have to be dealt with, and many times that means going into the landfill.

Take the above before/after images as an example. On the left is a typical makeup collection and similar to what you see when you open up your makeup bag. On the right is the exact same makeup, but in our Renzoe Box format. Notice the weight difference -- and 83% reduction! Not only does the Renzoe Box allow you to reduce the amount of single-use plastic packaging by 80%, you can do so while still getting to have your favorite brands and products. We offer Renzoe Pods with clean brands like Chantecaille, Jouer, Vapour, Ere Perez, ILIA, and PYT, but you can also get custom Pods made in any brand and shade that you like. Meaning, even if we don’t carry that particular product in stock, we can contact the brand directly to source the product and our lab will custom create a Renzoe Pod for you and we deal with any excess packaging waste.

The unique design of the Renzoe Pods removes a ton of the plastic waste that typically comes with a product.


Every Little Bit Counts 

We each need to start taking more personal responsibility when it comes to our purchasing decisions and purchasing sustainable products. One single person can make a great impact by making many small decisions to be sustainable over a lifetime. Imagine if you could pile up all the single-use plastic you’ve used in your life into one room. It will be filled to the ceiling! It's important to remember that every little bit counts.

As a company, at Renzoe Box we recognize it is our responsibility to design & produce sustainable products, and make them available to you, the consumer. By bringing these alternatives to the beauty market, we’re doing our best to make it easier for you to have access to sustainable options in your everyday makeup routine.

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