The concept for Renzoe Box came to Founder & CEO René Graham on a train ride to work. While using her cluttered makeup bag to get ready, the train jolted and her products went everywhere. Her favorite bronzer now in pieces. René thought to herself, "There must be a better way." From notebook sketches to reality, Renzoe Box was born. Watch René's incredible story.


At Renzoe Box we believe your makeup is more than a daily routine or collection of products thrown in a bag. We know the power of the perfect shade of lipstick and a good lash day. But we also know there's more to you than a pretty face.

Its the brains behind the beauty that makes you unique.

In an industry that elevates physical appearance above all, we value beauty and intelligence. We combine these ideologies into everything we do.

Renzoe Box is Where Beauty Meets Brains.


Over 80 percent of household buying decisions are made by women, yet less than 20 percent of retail and consumer goods companies are lead by women. Not us. We are a company built by women, for women.


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