corn translucent powder

corn translucent powder

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Corn Translucent Powder
What you'll love

Non-GMO corn
Perfect for sensitive skin
Use as a finishing powder
For all faces and skins
Great base for eyeshadows & eye pencils
13.5g / 0.45 oz

Best powder for covering redness, absorbing oil and setting makeup!

 Translucent coverage



Absorbs shine


Full description

Favourite barely-there lightweight powder to effortlessly soak up excess oil from skin. Featuring non-GMO corn to create an invisible natural layer that hides the shine and helps to reduce redness. This powder is so versatile, it’s also perfect as a finishing powder over foundation to set your makeup. This powder absorbs oil like a pro and smooths over red and splotchy skin. Comes in one versatile shade for all complexions. Carry it with you for touch-ups throughout the day.

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