Fluff & Hold Laminating Brow Wax

Fluff & Hold Laminating Brow Wax

Variant: Crystal Clear

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#### Benefits

- Strong hold
- Clear
- Not stiff
- Not crunchy
- Dual-sided brush applicator creates multiple looks
- Use the bristle side to fluff up and shape the edges of the brow
- Use the comb side to feather the brow
- Cruelty Free

#### Formulated Without

- Parabens

Step1: Apply onto clean, dry brows, using the wand applicator in an slow upward motion. For stubborn hairs, hold the wand in place for a few seconds and then brush up.

Step 2: Before the liquid wax sets, use the applicator, either bristle or comb, and press against the skin to help hold and lay the hair flat. Brush hair upwards for a laminated brow look.

Step 3: Once the liquid wax is fully dry, fill in sparse areas using Pomade In A Pencil or Brow Super Fine Brow Detailer.The Too Faced Fluff & Hold Laminating Brow Wax has a laminating liquid wax formula that adds volume, texture, and total control to give you fluffy, perfectly polished brows with just the right amount of hold.

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