Tattoo Liner
Tattoo Liner

Tattoo Liner

Variant: Mad Max Brown (rich chocolate brown)

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#### Benefits

- Long wear, smudge-resistant and waterproof
- Precise brush tip for easy application and total control
- Flexible tip hugs your lash line so you can line it fine or flick it thick
- Ultra-fine bristles fit perfectly between each lash for smooth lines
- Create graphic lines, iconic winged liner, faux freckles, body art and more
- For best performance, store your Tattoo Liner flat and shake it before use
- 100% vegan and cruelty-free

For best performance, store your Tattoo Liner flat + shake it before use.
Still feeling dry? Wipe tip with a damp tissue to remove eyeshadow build-up.
Use light pressure for fine, exact lines (perfect for creating sharp wings). Add more pressure to create a thicker, bold eyeliner look. The formula is designed to layer, so you can keep drawing over your lines until your work is complete.

How to Fake Freckles: Using shade Mad Max Brown, make small dots wherever you want your faux freckles. Then use your fingers to tap the product into skin and make freckles appear more natural. For deeper skin tones, let the dots sit on skin for a few seconds before tapping.KVD Beauty Tattoo Liner is an award-winning, waterproof liquid eyeliner with tattoo-bold pigment and a precise brush tip to easily create sharp lines every time.

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